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Rauda Al Shamsi

Rauda Al Shamsi, an Emirati fine artist who’s based in Al Ain. Rauda usually refers as a multitasker and a combination of both being an artist, & a biochemist with a philosophical and psychological background.


Her art is inspired by what surrounds us, and what goes in a person’s mind. Her artworks mainly represent classicism, symbolism, and abstract expressionism. 


She’s fund of still-life’s painting, the fact that different combination of items can be arranged in order to tell a story is fascinating and that what drives her to paint symbolism from time to time. Whereas she uses expressionism to express others/self-emotions and send messages or ideas as a form of art. She stands by, [Meaning matters more than appearance]. 


She started her expressionistic movement by 2018, under the name of “Frame of mind”. It started as an attempt to raise awareness about mental health, highlight issues of stigma surrounding mental and psychological illness and enlighten our community about such matter. It began as a psychology project. Then decided to make more paintings of the same style/ideas. 


The reason behind these body movements/motions is that an individual can see things from different perspectives, just like there’s falling, there’s rising too.

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